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Database Designs!

How Your Project is Built

  • Data is separated from code -- This insures that updates cannot alter your data
  • Code and Screens are customized for your business -- Nobody needs to translate terms in a form to use them
  • Customer selects security scheme
    • Windows Security -- Based upon who is logged in to a computer
    • Database Security -- An additional username/password is required for access
    • In Both cases -- Items can be limited individually  IE the public sees all public data, but cannot alter it
  • We start from your paper forms or drawings and make exactly what you describe, the better you know what you want, the better your project.
  • Old data is imported into the new project while still being maintained in its original form

Typical Projects

  • Technical Websites
  • Membership Lists
  • Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Continuity Logs
  • Inventories
  • Student Records
  • One-of-a-Kind electronics solutions

Past Project Examples

Casino Magic

Vinyards Funeral Home Obituary Lists

Vinyard's Funeral Home

Ardus Medical Equipment Rental Site

Ardus Medical Site

Twin City Area Chamber of Commerce

Twin City Area Chamber of Commerce