Slothworks Computing
118 E Beffa, Suite 108, Festus, Mo.
Phone: 636-208-1092


Computers - Electronics - Sewing Machines
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118E Beffa, Festus, MO 63028 -- (636)208-1092

Our business is Service

We work for you

  If you have ever had a bad service experience, let us demonstrate how things should be.

Our Hours

  I pick-up, deliver, and provide in-office/in-home repairs. In general someone is available 24/7. Due to our out-of-office work, office hours are variable. Call or text for appointments [636-208-1092]. I will be glad to accommodate as much as possible with your schedule.



  Best rates in town. $55/hr - Free evaluation - Most jobs less than $120


  When available, used computers and electronics are refurbished and sold at reasonable prices

Sewing Machines

Routine Service

  Clean, Lube, Minor Adjustments, and Basic Testing $75

  Sergers basic service for $100


  Any brand! $55/hr + Parts


  We will purchase used and broken electronics for scrap prices. Each item will be broken into its most basic parts and recycled through appropriate routes.

Hard Drives

  All hard drives are wiped using DoD Approved software. A drill will be used on drives upon request


  We can repair most electronics. However the industry has made most modern electronics throw away. So to insure your serious intention for repair, I charge a $20 up-front earnest fee. Repairs at $60/hr